Covers & Posters

AsWeDream – Acousticky
Digital Photo Collage

AsWeDream – The Forty-Eights
Digital Photo Collage

AsWeDream – AsWeDream Album #1
Digital Photo Collage

Calendar Demo
Calendar Demo 2
Calendar Demo 1   Calendar Demo 3
Calendar Pamphlet Demo
The Perennial Mandala Calendar Poster
Colored Pencil, Digital
A colorful mandala illustrating the natural cycles of the solar calendar year, including the Sabbats, Almanac moons & Zodiac.
Read more about it or get one here.

Trappers Mind Cover
Trappers Cabin – Trappers Mind
Colored Pencil, Pen & Ink, Digital
Illustration by Jordan Ososki
Typography by Danielle Nettesheim

For My Friends Cover
For My Friends full cover
Trappers Cabin – For My Friends
Colored Pencil

Goblin Island Cover
Nekrogoblikon – Goblin Island
Marker, Pen & Ink
Illustration by Jordan Ososki with direction & layout by Tim & Nicky
Logo by David Flook

MTM Cover

Campfire in the Classroom Book Cover
Campfire in the Classroom by Johnny Hart
Colored Pencil, Digital

Oakhurst Pamphlet 1   Oakhurst Garden Pamphlet 2   Oakhurst Garden Pamphlet 3
Covers for Oakhurst Community Garden Booklets
1 – Pencil
2 – Marker, Pen & Ink
3 – Digital
Typography by others. Cover 3 is before typography.

Sellick Poster Light   Sellick Poster Dark
Posters for Oakhurst Jazz Nights

Trickum Cover
Cover for Trickum Magazine
Pen & Ink, Digital
Illustrations & layout by Jordan Ososki, done in middle school.
Probably my first attempt at digital layout & typography ever.

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