Custom Work

Spirit of Simba
Spirit of Simba
Painted in loving memory of my sister’s Snowshoe cat, Simba


Custom Painting
Personalized Painting
Personalized to portray the specific interests of a client’s boyfriend, given as a gift


Architectural Rendering
Pen & Ink, Colored Pencil


Stained Glass
Stained Glass Design
Marker, Digital




Years ago, I partnered with a friend to create a t-shirt company. Here are some designs from that era.
I look forward to making more modern t-shirt designs in the near future.

Dorothy Bush
Pen & Ink, Colored Pencil


Pirate Booty
Pen & Ink, Digital


Jesus Saves
Jesus Saves
Pen & Ink, Digital


After Hours
After Hours Track Star
Pen & Ink, Digital


Civil Liberites
Will Work for Civil Liberties




An even longer time ago, way back when, I designed some t-shirts for events at my high school.

Feel The Love
Feel the Love
Pen & Ink
Design for Parkview High School’s drum line


Panther Stride 1   Panther Stride 2
Panther Stride 1 & 2
Pen & Ink, Digital
Design for Parkview High School’s ‘Panther Stride’ long distance run event




Self Portrait Pencil Ink
Self Portrait
Colored Pencil, Pen & Ink
A drawing I did years ago, just to prove to myself I could still draw somewhat realistically. I thought, what is the most difficult, least appealing art task I could give myself? I know, I can draw a realistic self portrait! To spice it up, the ‘drawing’ of me is drawing me, thus the art is making the artist ‘real’.


Self Portrait Glass
Self Portrait
Broken Glass Jar, Steel Ball Bearings, Metallic Ink, Matboard 
Project created spontaneously the night before it was due. It all started with a hammer and a jar. I utilized the entire jar’s worth of pieces. And yes, I actually had spiky green hair at the time.


Self Portrait Print
Self Portrait
Print from Painted Glass

Step 1 – Take photograph
Step 2 – Photocopy photograph multiple times to simplify image
Step 3 – Lay a sheet of glass on top of photocopy
Step 4 – Paint glass in the dark areas of photocopy to reproduce image on glass
Step 5 – Carefully flip over painted glass sheet and lay down on blank paper for printing
Step 6 – Gently lift glass from paper, leaving behind a print!

Or nowadays…

Step 1 – Take photograph
Step 2 – Upload to computer
Step 3 – Edit digitally in 5 minutes

Back in my day, we did it the old-fashioned way!


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